ZSlim - A Weight Loss System To Transform Your Life.

ZSlim Healthy Weight Loss System

The ZSlim Healthy Transformation Weight Loss System was designed to stimulate your metabolism and burn unhealthy fat while giving your body important nutrition necessary for overall health, ultimately helping you to look and feel better.

We know how difficult it can be to lose weight and how challenging it can be to keep it off. We also know how confusing and overwhelming it can be to just get started. Sometimes, you just need help figuring out what will work for you, and that’s why we developed the ZSlim System.

At Zivizi, we’re committed to being a true partner on your weight-loss journey. We’re here to make sense of it all. It’s our job and our passion to keep up with the latest science and research in the weight loss field and to incorporate the latest advances into our ZSlim system.

4 Steps to Healthy Weight Loss

Premium Energy Beverage


Enjoy a healthy, energizing, delicious Ignite blueberry beverage early morning or mid-afternoon to quickly invigorate your mind, hydrate your body and accelerate weight loss.

Sustained-Release Weight Loss


Easily apply post shower a SlimStrip to clean, dry skin and enjoy continuous nutraceutical nourishment directly through your skin for natural appetite control and increased metabolism.

Nutrient-Dense Superfood Pudding/Shake


Savor a tasty SlimFuel Nutrient-Dense, Superfood Shake or Pudding by itself or with your favorite healthy additions for a deep, whole-body, nourishing meal or snack.

Healthy Appetite Control


Reduce your appetite, boost your metabolism and burn more fat with Curb capsules before meals to accelerate weight loss results and improve the enjoyment of your ZSlim experience.

A low-glycemic, thermogenic, metabolic energy enhancing, blue raspberry beverage that supports mental, emotional and physical health while targeting accelerated weight loss.

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A sustained-release ZDerma Technology applied post-shower that continuously enhances thermogenic fat burning, metabolic acceleration and appetite control.

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A low-glycemic, nutrient-dense superfood meal replacement pudding or shake that accelerates weight loss while supporting excellent mental, emotional and physical health.

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A proprietary, nutraceutical, appetite control supplement specifically designed to optimize low-glycemic digestion, cortisol down-regulation, thermogenic fat burning, metabolic acceleration and systemic detoxification for enhanced energy and accelerated weight loss.

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Be Proud Of Your Body

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