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11 Ways To Earn With ZIVIZI

Our competitive and innovative Zivizi Rewards Plan is designed for both the average person just getting started in the industry while also offering great rewards to seasoned professionals.


Retail Sales

Every ZPromoter can earn 20% on the BV of the customer’s orders. By becoming a ZCustomer, you can receive a 5% discount from the normal price.


Get 3 & Yours Is Free

When you have three ZCustomers personally enrolled in the Automatic Reorder System (ARS), you are eligible to free product every month if they continue their ARS. The total Auto-Reorder volume of your three Preferred Customers must be 3 times or more than your AR volume.


Customer Acquisition Incentive

Earn an additional 5% customer acquisition incentive on level 1, when you have five Preferred Customers, and earn an additional 10% when you have ten Preferred Customers.


Fast Start Bonus

As you personally enroll new ZPromoters into your team, you can earn a lucrative 20% Fast Start Bonus.


Binary Team Commission

As you build your team, each new ZPromoter is placed in one of two legs within your organization. Each week you could earn 10% of the volume in your lesser leg, up to $120,000 USD in a month.


Unilevel Team Commission

Earn up to nine levels of your Diamond 3 Stars commissionable volume within your organization. The higher the rank you achieve, the more levels from which you can earn.


Rank Advancement Bonus

As you achieve the rank of Diamond, 1 Star, 2 Stars and 3 Stars for six consecutive months, you become a member of the Diamond Club and become eligible to receive a one-time Diamond Club Bonus.


Star Achievement Bonus

When you achieve the rank of Diamond 1 Star, Diamond 2 Stars or Diamond 3 Stars for six consecutive months with total organizational volume requirements you are then eligible to receive a onetime 2-Star Achievement Bonus.


Global Bonus Pool

3% of the total Company Commission-able Volume from each month of product sales is placed into a Global Pool which is shared among the leaders.


Luxury Auto Bonus

Zivizi will pay a bonus for a payment of a luxury car of your choice once you have achieved the rank of Diamond 1 Star you will earn $500 USD per month, Diamond 2 Stars earns $1,000 USD, Diamond 3 Stars earns $1,500 USD. This bonus applies every qualified month for 48 months.


Lifestyle Getaways

Zivizi wants to reward you and recognize your success as you build your business. Our Lifestyle Getaway Program will enable you to enjoy the luxury that your efforts deserve.